Artists' Biography

Nathan Hartono

Nathan Hartono is a bilingual Singaporean singer-songwriter-actor with multifaceted artistic pursuits. Since his debut in 2006, Nathan has released music in both English and Mandarin, starred in a feature film, clinched the runner-up accolade at the 2016 Sing! China competition and captivated the hearts of audiences across Asia and beyond with his soulful and charismatic performances. As a bilingual artist, Nathan’s musical prowess in a varied genres of pop/R&B/acoustic/funk are fully showcased in his recent releases – the debut Mandarin EP, Do Nothing Day (September 2020) and the English EP, Edge of Days (September 2021).

Constantly evolving as a music artist, Nathan is currently on a new exploratory journey, as evident on his major debut album, The Great Regression. The featured singles on the album – “Infinity,” “Night After Night,” “Pastrami,” “Tell It To My Face,” “Dopamine” and “In The Clouds” – showcase Nathan Hartono as a songwriter that is honest to himself and his audience. The evolution of Hartono's artistry is evident, as he confronts his vulnerabilities and transforms pain into profound musical expression, fearlessly shedding light on his struggles, dispelling the notion that public figures are immune to such challenges.


Official Instagram: @nathanhartono